Parking Lot


But, your contributions are still greatly appreciated!


The purpose of the “Pave My Space” initiative is to accomplish the paving of the Community Life Church parking areas. The church has been using the gymnasium building since 2007 with the plan being to have the paving done when funds became available. After 10 years, it had become obvious that those amount of funds do not become available without a purposed effort. For this reason fund raisers have been employed. While this has been a great effort, and some funds have been raised, it is evident that the pace we are proceeding at will take us at least another 10 years to accomplish! Past experience has shown us that when we come together and all contribute, we can accomplish much more in a much shorter time, as we did when moving our church service to the gym. Families were encouraged to give enough to buy the chairs that their family would require. In just a few short months, the entire move to the gym was paid for, including the sound system! The idea behind, “Pave My Space”, is that each of us that call CLC our home church will give in proportion to the cost of paving their own parking space! If for instance,150 people gave $400.00 dollars, we would raise $60,000.00 dollars! Combine this with what we already have, and we could have all our parking lots paved! For some people, that would be like one car payment.For others it may be quite a bit of money to give, but it could be given over a period of time. For example, $20.00 per week for 20 weeks would do it! We believe that this is totally practical and the way we should go to finally just “get er done”, (to quote Larry the plumber!). 

Lastly, as a reminder, this is NOT an unspiritual endeavor! Our parking lot and building facility IS a part of our testimony of Jesus! A pot-hole filled gravel parking lot which makes for a disheveled looking building facility does not bring glory to God! And, YES, a neat and safe parking lot can equate to salvation of souls! Our God IS a God of order, and we believe this is a physical and spiritual need that must NOT continue to be left undone!

We encourage each of you to pray and ask The Lord what he would have you do? How He would have you to fulfill your individual part?

Please click the link below for a commitment card.